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  • 有哪些因素影响布袋除尘器腐蚀?
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Reduce the air leakage rate of bag filter. Air leakage is one of the main causes of dust collector corrosion. The amount of air leakage is closely related to the negative pressure in the dust collector. The greater the negative pressure, the more serious the air leakage will be. Therefore, the wet kiln should make the bag filter run under positive pressure, that is, the exhaust fan should be placed at the entrance of the dust collector. Positive pressure operation has no adverse effect on the performance of bag filter, but dust easily enters the inside of bag, so its sealing structure should be improved. In addition, positive pressure operation will accelerate the wear of exhaust fans, but many vertical bag dust collectors in domestic wet kilns are operated under positive pressure, and the phenomenon of excessive wear of fans is not very obvious. The measures to strengthen the sealing of the dust removal system include the sealing of the dust collector itself and other equipment and pipes in the dust removal system.


The sealing performance of the dust collector itself depends mainly on the shell. In order to keep the shell well sealed, the quality of manufacture and installation must be guaranteed. All joints of the shell shall be welded continuously, and the welds shall be inspected by kerosene penetration method. Explosion-proof doors and manhole doors are easy to leak. Double-layer manhole doors are preferable. The sealing around the doors should be made of heat-resistant silicone rubber. In addition, the structure of sealing ring at kiln end should be improved, and the sealing of check holes and manhole doors in the cold smoke chamber should be strengthened, because these parts are under negative pressure, and a lot of cold air will leak into the poor sealing. Dust removal skeleton minimizes the number of main engine start-up and shut-down and power outage in the dust collector, especially the dryer, which generally has a large capacity and has to run intermittently. Some cement dryers take turns drying a variety of materials, increasing the number of start-up and shut-down. Due to frequent start-up and shutdown, the body temperature in the dust collector drops below dew point more than once a day. When the main engine stops running, the dust collector should be insulated, and the ash removal device should continue to operate until the ash hopper is emptied. Moreover, we should adjust the production plan and try our best to reduce the number of downtime and downtime to a low limit.

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