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  • Rco催化燃烧设备的安装方式是怎样的
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如何能够正确的安装其实这也是个技术活,因此大家在进行安装的时候一定要特别的注意。 1:找正 安装催化燃烧设备时须要找正设备中心线,机械上的主轴、轴承孔等精加工面都可以去做中心线的依据。


2:找平 调整机械设备安装后的水平度,其重要性大于找正。由于倾斜,势必产生因惯性力而造成的振动。倾斜还会使润滑条件恶化,以及由于附加载荷而导致设备过度磨损,工作质量和准确度降低。找平的目的是保持安装的稳固性、减少振动、避免变形,以保证工作精度和防止合理的磨损。

3:找标高 标高就是安装的基准点到所测表面(或线)的高度。一般直接测定准点到废气处理设备标高测定面(线)的距离来做检验。 在安装催化燃烧设备的时候,就是希翼大家能够在处理问题的时候也能很好的掌握一些技巧,知道如何安装,如何拆卸,以及它的安装事项,通过上面的这些先容希翼能帮到大家。

What is the installation method of Rco catalytic combustion equipment?

Installation of waste gas treatment equipment is also a technical work, the correct installation can effectively ensure the effect of waste gas treatment equipment, but there are a lot of people respond to the installation of this aspect is less understanding.

The following is to introduce how the catalytic combustion equipment is installed:

In the process of installing RCO catalytic combustion equipment, the adjustment of centerline, levelling and elevation deviation is respectively called alignment, leveling and elevation finding, which are the three essential factors for the installation of organic waste gas treatment equipment.

How to install correctly is actually a technical work, so we must pay special attention to the installation. 1: when installing the catalytic combustion equipment, it is necessary to find the center line of the equipment. The spindle, bearing hole and other finishing surfaces on the machine can be used as the basis of the center line.

What is the installation method of Rco catalytic combustion equipment?

2: leveling adjusting the levelness of mechanical equipment after installation is more important than alignment. Due to tilt, it is inevitable to produce vibration caused by inertial force. Tilting can also worsen lubrication conditions and lead to excessive wear of equipment due to additional loads, resulting in reduced quality of service and accuracy. The purpose of leveling is to maintain the stability of installation, reduce vibration and avoid deformation, so as to ensure the working accuracy and prevent reasonable wear and tear.

3: elevation elevation is the height of the installation reference point to the measured surface (or line). Generally, the distance between the accurate time and the elevation measurement surface (line) of the waste gas treatment equipment is directly measured for inspection. In the installation of catalytic combustion equipment, it is hoped that you can deal with the problem can also be very good grasp some skills, know how to install, how to remove, and its installation matters, through the above introduction hope to help you.

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