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性能特点:运行费用低、性价比合理 净化效率高,VOC去除率≥95%,可达99% 使用寿命长,维护保养易 运行安全可靠 操作简便,自动化程度高

Principle: regenerative combustion technology (RTO) is the waste gas heated to 700 degrees above, make the VOCs in the exhaust oxidation is decomposed into CO2 and H2O, oxide produced by high temperature gas flows through the ceramic regenerator, and make up the "heat", and used to preheat the follow-up into organic waste gas, which can save up to processing technology of waste gas heating fuel consumption. Compared with direct combustion and catalytic oxidation, RTO can reduce operating costs for customers.

Structural features: low operating costs, ultra-low fuel costs. The RTO device does not need to add auxiliary fuel when the concentration of organic exhaust gas is above 450PPM. High net rate, two-bed RTO net rate above 98%, three-bed RTO net rate above 99%. No secondary pollution such as NOX is produced. Automatic control, simple operation. High security.

Applicable to the following organic waste gas treatment: large volume, low concentration; On the same production line, due to different products, the composition of waste gas often changes; The waste gas contains the components that make the catalyst toxic or inactive (such as the metal vapor of mercury, lead, tin, zinc, etc., and the presence of phosphorus, phosphates, arsenic, etc., which cover the surface of the catalyst with the increase of time and make the catalyst inactive; The presence of halogens and large amounts of water vapor temporarily deactivates the catalyst.

Performance features: low operating cost, reasonable cost performance and high purification efficiency, VOC removal rate ≥95%, up to 99% long service life, easy maintenance, safe operation, reliable operation, easy automation

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